Great Choices for Selling cars With Ease Now

After careful evaluations have you decided to sell your used car? Perfect, the documents you need are: the certificate of ownership, the registration certificate and the identity card (or passport or driving license). The first, issued by the ACI, contains on the back a unilateral declaration for the seller.

The registration certificate is issued by the Civil Motorization Authority and contains all the data necessary to make the vehicle suitable for circulation. Like the certificate of ownership, it will be delivered to the buyer. You can go for the cash for cars Joondalup there and have the best time.

What to do to sell the used car?

Let’s move on to the practical level: to be able to sell your car you must obligatorily draw up a deed of sale in favor of the buyer. A written contract, validated with authentic signatures, is necessary so that all the deeds of the sale can be established at any time. Having said that you must:

Use box T of the certificate of ownership, declaring and signing the sale of the car at:

STA (the online counter of the motorist of the ACI): here the signature takes place completely free of charge and, moreover, you can already implement the transfer of ownership. If you don’t, you have 60 days to remedy otherwise the car will remain in your name, with all the consequences of the case.

  • at your municipality
  • at car registration agencies
  • at a notary

Remember that, in order to have an authenticated signature, it is necessary to affix the stamp of 16 $ on the certificate of ownership. In case of sale to a non-country citizen, a copy of the residence permit is required. Get the top cash for cars Joondalup  agents and make it work.

Selling a used car: the moment of payment

You are running out of this sale, now you just have to manage the payment. The advice is to always and only rely on the cashier’s check . Compared to the bank, with the cashier’s check you are sure that the money is present in the account and, moreover, it cannot be issued “to the bearer”. You must collect it within 30 days and it must contain:

  • Name and signature of the issuing bank
  • The denomination “cashier’s check”
  • Name of the buyer
  • Date and place of issue.

Once the transaction is over, always remember to check that everything went well without leaving anything to chance.