A Short History of Labradoodle Dog

Australian Labradoodle is a rare breed of dog. It was dealt with in the last century. At the same time, and to date, work on the breeding of this breed has not yet been completed.Another name for such dogs is labropoodle. However, both names are not registered. The breed occurred when a Labrador and a poodle were mixed. The idea was to create a good-natured dog and soft hypoallergenic hair.

Labradoodle Dog loves every member of the family. He has the ability to accompany a blind person. But, as a guard, he is completely useless.

Briefly about the history of origin

  • The name Labradoodle was first mentioned in 1955 by a scientist named Donald Campbell. In his work, he conducted a study on the mixing of two dog breeds – a Labrador and a large poodle.
  • A more serious approach to the brood of the breed was noted by the researcher Wally Conron in 1989. He was engaged in training guide dogs.
  • In parallel with this, W. Conron tried to find such a breed that it would not cause the owner an allergic reaction to the coat, moreover, it was flexible and easily trained.
  • Experience has shown a positive result, but as it turned out, the second generation did not have resistance signs of the breed.
  • The main goal was to breed a dog breed with the intellectual abilities of a Labrador and the hair of a poodle.

From the point of view of genetics, these breeds have different characteristics. It is impossible to find out in advance what advantages puppies will have.W. Conron did not note the outcome of the experiment. Therefore, work on the breeding of dog breeds continued their development.

Further, private individuals began to breed dogs, but this did not give a positive result.

Puppies came out aggressive, poorly succumbed to study. Their coat did not have hypoallergenic properties. For this reason, the question arose of serious work on this breed, and they began to carefully study it.Australian Cobberdog is the final breed of dog. It is fixed in a single MBDA standard and is under special control.

The main characteristic

Here is a description of the breed Labradoodle. The most important advantage of the dog is its gentle, mischievous, light and friendly character.The dog is active and playful at any age. Labradoodle inherited such positive traits of morals, as well as a hypoallergenic layer of wool from his generation of ancestors.…

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